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3rd Lesson Tony attempts to play Misty with the help of Jennifer

Started by Tony Edge, March 19, 2011, 09:06:29 PM

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Tony Edge

I love the Misty tune by Errol Garner & Jonny Burke, Nat King Cole
One of the most popular ballads among musicians and one of the most requested tunes by listeners.
Voted 25th most performed standards of the 20th Century
The melody soars over a range of nearly two octaves with many pitches
Jeremy Wilson wrote an interesting Analysis of the ballard

Le Wang plays plays a lovely rendition on Youtube
Truly awesome.

My first attempts to play Misty on Alto Sax

In bar 6 G G G F# semiquaver then Fnat G
the semiquaver F# caused problems until Jeniffer recommended alternative fingering playing F also pressing the side F# with the little finger.

Jeniifer demonstraded




Hi Tony

I thought for the 3rd lesson you made a very good job of misty.  Could we have an updated recording now (12 months) to see how you are progressing.

This is one of my favourite busking tunes, and there is a good version in the 'by special arrangement' movie themes book witha very nice backing track



Hi Dave
12 month on this is a quick recording  "Misty" on tenor sax.

Recorded on ?5 mp3 player.
Wav converted to mp3 with audacity + slight bass boost, echo level 0.1,


Play along misty with Ella Fitzgerrald on Youtube
Many thanks for your help.

Tony Edge

Hi Dave
Thanks for the comments.
My version of Misty is a modified version from Band In a Box.
I have just purchased Band In a Box 2012 pro and trying to get to grips. With this
software Midi sounds so much better and even plays ?Karaoke midi? you can change the key and even slow the tempo for learning.
The new features Realtracks can substitute midi sounds for actual recordings not synthesised.
I?ve been playing around with making backing tracks for my favourite music.

What I?m lacking now is a good cheap microphone and interface.
While browsing round a charity shop I found an Xbox SingStar USB converter and two microphones for ?5.
This works ok with the free program Audacity with Windows Xp without any drivers.
Only in mono not stereo.
This cannot compete with some of the recordings on youtube.
An interesting book I have been reading 101 Saxophone Tips by ?Eric J. Morones? published by Hal Leonard bought for a few pounds off Amazon.  ?Tip 51 Get a stage microphone and suggests a Shure SM-58.
Perhaps if I can get a decent setup I will have a go at putting my version of Misty on Youtube
January 2013. Not quite ready for YouTube
This is my latest arrangement made with Band In a Box
Uploaded to soundcloud.com