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Repad Tenor Saxophone of unknown make. Spreadsheet repad.xls

Started by Tony Edge, September 21, 2011, 12:38:38 AM

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Tony Edge

Repad Tenor Saxophone of unknown make.  Spreadsheet repad.xls                                 
Column A = count of the number of pads starting from the neck to the bell.                              
Column B = dismantling order.                                 
Column C = assembly order.                                 
Column D = The name of pad or key.                                 
Column E = The outside diameter of the cup.                                 
Column F = Estimate the pad size by measuring the outside diameter of the cup ? 1.83mm                                 
Column G = New set of Hermes/Prestini pads from America bought on eBay.                                 
Column  I  = Ultra cheap tenor sax pads EBay from China (reasonable quality)                                 
Column J  = Estimate the tolerance cheap tenor sax pads. Sizes in mm.                                 
Column K =  The actual size of the pads removed.                                 
Column L =   The thickness of the pads removed.
The excel file enables data to be sorted by assembly dismantle order, size of pads etc.
Repad Tenor Saxophone of unknown make. excel 2003 spreadsheet can be downloaded from the following link.

Repad Tenor Saxophone of unknown make.  pdf

Repad Tenor Saxophone of unknown make.htm

For a photo gallery of the pads visit              
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For assembly of the saxophone Haynes Saxophone Manual by Stephen Howard on page 24 has a superb exploded diagram.
For the first time repairer don't use a tiny gas torch as shown in many guides its too easy to burn the pads.

If you can find a black and decker HG992 paint stripper gun/hot air gun. 1200 watt 2 heat or settings or equivalent hot air gun. In just 30 seconds and the pad can be removed using the 1200w high setting. Fitting new pads are easy without any fear of damaging the new pads.