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Windows copy & paste only 30mb per second. Fixed with Robocopy or richCopy

Started by Tony Edge, February 23, 2016, 10:57:30 PM

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Tony Edge

Today I had a question from one of my music pals Peter.
Please can you help I needed to backup my Windows 7 music files on drive D:  to my new and freshly formatted Sata 500GB disc drive E:   I used Windows 7 copy and paste the copy has been running for 12 hours and is no where complete. Finally I aborted the copy.
Windows copy performance was about 30mb per second.
Can I do something to increase the copy speed

Hi Peter yes we can speed this up almost 100 times faster.
Microsoft have a command line tool called robocopy
Copy all of D: disk drive to E: drive and maintain dates created

Type in the following command line in a dos command prompt. To save time just copy and paste the following

robocopy D:\  E:\ /MIR /R:0 /W:0  /XD  "$RECYCLE.BIN" "System Volume Information" "RECYCLER"  /COPY:DT /DCOPY:T

(the dos command is available in All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt.)

An alternative program is RichCopy This simple tool was written by a Microsoft team named Derk Benisch and RICHCOPY Version 4.0 Developed by Ken [Kenzaburo] Tamaru


Tech Net Magazine wrote a very good article
Utility Spotlight
Joshua Hoffman

The direct Download.
HoffmanUtilitySpotlight2009_04.exe (5,896 KB)

This simple graphical interface is simple to use and need no explanation.

I sometimes use Windiff.exe to compare the two disks but needs to be run in compatibily mode for Windows 7.


Good luck