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Setup Yamaha PSR 740 keyboard ready for a try at improvisation.

Started by Tony Edge, November 30, 2015, 11:22:39 PM

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Tony Edge

Many thanks to my good friend William Johnson Music Composer to Setup Yamaha PSR 740 keyboard ready for a try at improvisation.

Why a midi keyboard on a saxophone web site you may ask.
I started playing saxophone at over the age of over 60 without any music training and unable to read music.
Both friends and musicians have commented on my progress. You sound really good.
I put this down to playing along with a Yamaha Psr keyboard with an XG Midi sound set and arranging the midi file for Saxophone.
Composing and playing along with Sibelius 6 Software is great fun.
Adding note heads helps with reading. My faithful Yamaha PSR 520 is great for playing from the computer
the only problem visiting friends have difficulty with styles and saving to external media.
My new S/H Yamaha Psr740 Bought for ?160 solves this problem.
Please visit learnsax youtube channel again and of course William Johnson music composer on YouTube.

PSR740 Yamaha PSR 740


Listen to Criccieth in Bloom on YouTube by William Johnson Music Composer.



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