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new interactive website for wind instruments beginers

Started by amitgur, November 24, 2014, 11:22:38 AM

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Hey Music Teachers and students,

I'd like to invite you to see new website/apps I launched.https://bandpad.co/en. It is good for wind instruments, recorders and band teachers. free of charge. I designed it to suit class projectors as well as student's home tablets. You will have 100 tunes with top-level play along and interactive music score that kids can use at home or in school. No books or papers are needed anymore.
If you use it And have new ideas or comments - Drop me a message. I'm in an intensive development of this app and need your feedback...

Tony Edge

Thanks so much for your posting. I have never seen BandPad before and would like to compliment on your site.
Its Fabulous and free as well.
The audio is good notation is great for learning to sight read.
I play Tenor Saxophone would like to select this instrument.

From the notation window I wasn?t sure how to get back to the home
Many thanks.

Tony Edge

Web site: