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Author Topic: Saxophone and Karaoke compact disc STVG-502  (Read 2625 times)


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Saxophone and Karaoke compact disc STVG-502
« on: August 07, 2011, 11:04:37 PM »

Hello all
I wonder if any of you guys have made use of Singing Machine STVG-502. Compact Disc + graphics with built-in Karaoke Centre.
A friend gave me this item and has two wireless microphones SMM107T and a T-112.

Could I use this as a audio pre-processor and output to a PC?
We tested playing an alto sax near the wireless microphone my friend listened to the karaoke machine in a different room and said that sounds good.
Would I need another interface to my computer for good sound reproduction?
Would Audacity sound program be satisfactory.

Another question I would like to produce a saxophone cd+g compact disc.
and add my own text to display on the display perhaps notes chords or my own lyrics
how do you synchronise text to music

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Re: Saxophone and Karaoke compact disc STVG-502
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2012, 11:34:15 PM »

Hi Alisha

You can make your own Karaoke CD+G with the help of Karaoke CD+G Creator from Doblon.
Most of Karaoke for free download use karaoke midi this is a different format to cd+g but
can be converted with this program, full instructions are available from Doblon


You can edit or add text and synchronize to the music.
for audio output to a PC you would need to use the two AUX phono output Red for right hand side and white for the l/h side
the cable would then go to a USB interface to the computer.
You could try an Singstor USB converter from X box they are very cheap on the second hand market.
Let us know how you go on with this project