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If you have an Apple Ipad. Sibelius Scorch Plugin costs Just ?1.99

Started by Tony Edge, October 14, 2018, 09:37:55 pm

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Tony Edge

I have over 500 popular songs arranged for tenor saxophone that are easy to play with note heads so you don?t have to learn to read music.
If you have an Apple Ipad.  Sibelius Scorch Plugin costs Just ?1.99 from Apple appstore

For more information visit the developers website


The player is amazing you play along with score at any speed you can transpose to a different key and mute the backing tracks.
The standalone Avid Sibelius is very expensive but the Plugin uses part of the Sibelius engine. So the audio quality is superb and a bargain plugin at ?1.99
You only have to get a friend or bandmaster that has Avid Sibelius and convert a midi file to a *.sib

I can send you some samples if you wish in PDF or *.sib.

There is another scorch program for a PC but is quite different although free
It is very basic and fussy about browsers.

Adding Sibelius Files to Avid Scorch on iPad

Arts Centre Melbourne's iPad Choir presents a new way to participate in Choral Singing.
Singers are sourced from community choir across Victoria,
and digital sheet music scores delivered to participant's iPads via the Avid Scorch app