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Author Topic: Corel Video Studio Won't Open  (Read 1579 times)

Tony Edge

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Corel Video Studio Won't Open
« on: February 18, 2016, 08:09:22 PM »

Corel Video Studio Won't Open (Windows 7 64bit) + Kaspersky anti virus.

My music friend phoned. After uninstalling Corel Video Studio then reinstalling from DVD. The same fault remained “Video Studio Won't Open”.
 At his wits end in a panic asking me should I buy a new laptop?
No run a full anti virus scan overnight check your computer is clean.

1st.  My first question: What was the last event before the error occurred?
Turned out to be a Windows 7 Update.

2nd. My recommendation Free up some space on C: drive and do a system restore.
Another phone call from my friend.  No this did not solve the problem.

Yesterday I spent an afternoon trying to solve the problem.
My two favourite programs  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
The free version worked well and removed all potential pups.
Next CCleaner from Piriform

Ran a CCleaner registry clean found dozens of old installations c++ , active x, framework. I’m always apprehensive about registry cleans but after running CCleaner on hundreds of computers never found any problems.

Ran clean option to remove temp files.

Still Corel Video Studio Won't Open.
The fix needed was a software patch VSX8_HotFix_2.exe
4.65 MB (4,886,344 bytes)
The link to the URL is:
This hotfix solved the problem a known problem with two of the Windows updates.
Further updates and patches can be found on the following link.

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