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Author Topic: Setup Dual Monitors with Band In a Box (pg) help?  (Read 2255 times)


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Setup Dual Monitors with Band In a Box (pg) help?
« on: February 03, 2013, 12:17:30 AM »


Is it possible to run Band In a Box with dual monitors
I would like a larger screen area for reading music.


Tony Edge

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Re: Setup Dual Monitors with Band In a Box (pg) help?
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2013, 12:28:31 AM »

Yes this is not difficult but the video control panels may be a bit different depending on your video card.

Setup Dual monitors with Windows XP Pro

Download the instructions word Dual-monitors-xp.doc
or open the .pdf file Dual-monitors-xp.pdf

From Windows control panel display adjust dual monitor settings click on the 1 screen and set the resolution.
Set the resolution for screen 2
Observe screen two move the blue screen box to the optimum position.
Now to test Minimise any of windows applications slightly then drag the window over to the next screen (the drag does not work until minimized)
Another quick test moving the mouse pointer should move into the next screen.

Install the correct video driver.
The Nvidia control panel for the video card
GeForce 7800 GT
Install the desktop manager.
 From the toolbar at the top of the screen,
Right click on the black icon
Enables 7 options
(a) Maximise to desktop
(b) Send window to
(c) Send application to
(d) Transparent
(e) Always on top
(f) Visible on all desktops
(g) Collapse to this desktop
(h) Individual settings
To span the display over to two monitors
Select maximise to desktop
From the toolbar black button
Any image that normally fits the standard monitor will now stretch over to the next monitor forming a very large image.
For reading music notation Sibelius and Band In a Box by (PG) can now be spread over two monitors.
It makes reading and playing so much easier with Sibelius
You can now read ahead without hesitating waiting for the next note.